Fawcett Architectural was created to amalgamate two distinct companies under a common name. The owner, Brian Fawcett, previously led two separate businesses with one focusing on inexpensive, simple drawings for building permits while the other focused on commercial small business construction. Fawcett Architectural is a solution to provide smart architectural design at a reasonable price within a reasonable timeline. Brian Fawcett is an expert in his field relating to Building Code knowledge, often applying and interpreting the Code in a unique and diverse manner to promote advanced building construction and public health and safety.

About the owner:

Brian Fawcett attended McMaster University for Engineering in 2006 for two years. After realizing that his passion laid in Architecture and Construction rather than engineering, he transfered to Mohawk College. Whilst in the middle of his program, he opened his first drafting company and quickly expanded it to employ a number of people in two offices. As his reputation grew, he was offered to begin work for a well known and experienced Architect where he learned more about designing custom homes and traditional architecture. On February 29th, 2012, he married Ashley, and in late 2012 they sold their house in Milton, ON when they moved to Lakefield, ON.
In 2013, Brian took a change of employement and left the private sector to work as a Building Inspector for the City of Peterborough. This position enhanced Brian’s skills in applying and interpreting the Building Code, while also giving direct insight into the inner workings of a municipality & building department. At the start of summer, 2015, Brian & Ashley welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Autumn. To accomodate their growing family, during the spring/summer of 2015 Brian built a large second storey addition on their existing bungalow in Lakefield. At the end of that summer, Brian was scouted to work with Ashburnham Realty, a major private developer that focuses on rejuvenating the Peterborough Downtown. Working directly with owners Paul Bennett and Rob Fisher, Brian provides operational support and design services as well as overseeing construction.
In the spring of 2016, Brian took a short contract to work as a Deputy Chief Building Official for the Township of North Kawartha. Starting in January of 2017, Brian then returned back to the private sector and pursued Fawcett Architectural as a fulltime business to better meet the needs and demands of his growing client base.