Fawcett Architectural provides high quality design services for both Residential and Commercial clients. Utilizing advanced software, we are capable of providing realistic 3D models of our proposals. We are now also offering Virtual Reality viewing available as part of our services!

New Construction

Whether it is a new cottage, or a new house, Fawcett Architectural can assist you in completing your project. We will be with you every step of the way, from the initial designs to the final coat of paint. We can provide designs in any style and will form to your desires while conforming to proper architectural design.


Moving is expensive! Why leave the home you love, when you could renovate instead? Additions, renovations and architectural updates will not only improve the resale value of your home, but will improve your happiness while exceeding your housing needs.


When it comes to your business, time is money. We specialize in completing drawings quickly, which commonly includes construction drawings for your business (both new construction & renovations). For those clients who are seeking a higher quality design, Fawcett Architectural will assist you to capitalize your business, whether it is a restaurant, office or other commercial space.


When you are starting a new project, it helps to understand the process that we will go through to bring your project to fruition.

1. Have an idea of what you are looking to achieve. Are you building a new building, an addition, or doing renovations? New business moving into a new space, or an existing business that is growing? Have information ready about what are thinking you need as well as a physical location where the work will take place. If you are a small business thinking of a new space, you can also call us before you sign the lease to make sure the space will work for you.
2. Call Fawcett Architectural today to set an initial appointment. I will likely ask you some questions about the work you plan on doing as well as the address and municipality.
3. We will meet you onsite to look over your project. If you have any sketches of what you are thinking of doing, that can help, but it's not necessary. We are able to listen to you and ask the important questions to determine what you needs and wants will be.
4. We will prepare a price quote and take an initial deposit. The deposit acts as a security, when the funds have diminished, they will need to be topped up before work resumes. This process can be explained as well, but the reason is mostly due to insurance regulations requiring contract fulfillment for insurance to be valid.
5. We will prepare initial design sketches as needed to establish a base design. This is the stage where large design changes can be made.
6. You will review the drawings or sketches and once satisfied a more thorough design proposal may be done.
7. We will ask that you review the drawings and sign off on the design. Only minor changes would be made after this point, large changes would be subject to additional billing (which is fine too!)
8. We will produce you final drawings for building permit submission, subject to your final approval.
9. You will pay the final invoice outstanding
10. We will submit to you everything from an architectural perspective that you would need for a building permit. If we are consulting with additional specialists (mechanical/structural), this would be done as well.